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Last Updated: 5/7/2013

SAMHSA’s Resource Center to Promote Acceptance,
Dignity and Social Inclusion Associated with
Mental Health (ADS Center)


2012 Campaign for Social Inclusion Awardee Project Summaries

Heartland Consumer Network, a program of St. Louis Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance  External Web Site Policy.
Poetry for Personal Power

Heartland Consumer Network plans to continue to use spoken word poetry to connect with youth. With the goal of national expansion, this year they will also explore pilot criteria for reproducing their Poetry for Personal Power project events. They seek to expand their program by teaching contest winners how to spread the Poetry for Personal Power message by hosting 50 events in their own communities.

Heartland will host 15 fall university open mics and recruit 20 trainee poets to host their own events and learn career development skills, including social media, event marketing, and event documentation skills. Heartland plans to create an online training and certification process for program hosts to help ensure inclusion of core project ideas in the replication of this program.

Heartland will coordinate booking of 50 events by trainee poets and mentor them to prepare them for independent program operation. Photos from these events will be uploaded to the Poetry for Personal Power Facebook page, and video footage will be posted on YouTube.

To obtain further information about this project contact Corinna West at  or via phone at 816–392–6074.

South Dakota United for Hope & Recovery  External Web Site Policy.

South Dakota United for Hope & Recovery (SD United) seeks to provide culturally competent technical assistance to teach young adult peers the skills to move toward their own recovery. Through technical assistance and by encouraging youth to express themselves creatively and effect change, SD United wants to help increase system capacity to support effective mental health services and recovery supports for youth.

SD United plans to work with peers to develop their public speaking and storytelling skills in preparation for the creation of a digital-video PSA featuring youth. Following the PSA, they will host two community discussions where the video will be discussed and questions related to recovery and resiliency will be addressed. SD United will also continue with their monthly statewide informational teleconference series. They plan to utilize Facebook as a means of providing links to various videos, webinars, and other education resources.

To obtain further information about this project contact Amanda Conway at or via phone at 605–549–5509.

The Ohio Empowerment Coalition/Ohio Legacy Council Social Inclusion Project  External Web Site Policy.

The Ohio Legacy Council Social Inclusion Project will develop a young adult–specific peer support specialist training that will apply to topics and issues relevant to young adults. They plan to integrate young adult–specific modules into their current peer support curriculum, market the What a Difference a Friend Makes campaign throughout Ohio, and hold the first training in June of 2013.

The Legacy Council Social Inclusion Project plans to collaborate with universities’ psychological services to help with providing marketing and education materials surrounding peer support and young adult training. They hope to train young certified peer supporters to be prepared to enter community mental health agencies, drop-in centers, and other support services prepared to reach out to and engage other young adults.

To obtain further information about this project contact Mona Duffy at  or via phone at 614–310–8054.

The Transformation Center  External Web Site Policy.
Stories with Purpose

The Transformation Center’s Stories with Purpose project will produce a film that documents and promotes community building, leadership development, and inspired change through storytelling. To support the storytelling and peer support activities, the project will promote the concepts of Mary Ellen Copeland’s Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

In preparation for filming there will be 4 full days of training to lay a foundation for the year’s events. There will be orientation and review of WRAP incorporated into meetings with youth. The Transformation Center also plans to coach and mentor youth to teach them how to better represent and speak up for themselves. Legislative policy and development training will be offered at the Statewide Youth Advisory Council with followup during regional young adult group meetings. Also, there will be educational events with policy leaders hosted by young adults in each of the three districts.

Filming will take place at two of the regional events. Young adult storytellers will present the video featuring their efforts during the year to motivate change. The Transformation Center plans to use clips and comments from the project on the current Speaking of Hope Facebook page and The Transformation Center web page. 

To obtain further information about this project contact Marcia Webster at or via phone at 413–626–6968.

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